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Hi :) I had played False Server some months ago and thought to give a try to another one of your game but it seems my computer is too weak to run this one 😓

It looks great though 😊


I made some bad decisions with my older games. And so they don't perform well... (T_T)

Thank you for giving it a try and commenting about it Anwynn. 


I cannot speak for someone else but I noticed the reason why this kind of things happen in my computer even if I do not understand it,

Game exe with a big amount of mo gives me this issues, I had this before with other games, It is not your fault 😊

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This was more interesting than I initially thought! The game feels a little unpolished at times, and the colors are not always great, but mostly, it all fits the themes pretty well. The whole story was pretty interesting and made me interested in playing the next episode as well! Overall, good work! :-)


Loved the atmosphere and generally trippy experience this gives!


Interesting story and I love the mapping and effects.



(* ̄▽ ̄)b

Well Lets Rock!

Haha, let's!


Gorgeous Mapping and interesting story line. Best of success. :)

Thanks Carl! :D 

Best of success to you too!


Wow Sigma!! This looks so cool!! ^_^ It's good to finally see your project up in here!! :) Those maps are gorgeous!!  :O


Starmage!!! Glad you found this page. And thank you! Glad to have entertained your eyes. :D   

And... I just checked your profile here... now I'm drowning in awesomeness. :O 

awesomeness‿︵‿︵‿︵‿ヽ(°□° )ノ︵‿︵‿︵‿︵awesomeness

Like wow(°o°)wow your games look and feel so nice, original, and super clean. Congratulations on your achievements mate. :O 


Oh my God, Salik Hussain! ^_^ That is such an honor to hear from you!! :) Thank you so much!! ^_^ :) Hahaha, most of my older games are really pretty simple!! XDD :) But yeah, I am really looking forward for this game's development!! ;) ^_^


The honor is awl mine. :D 

And I'll do my best to surely disappoint. (Gotta keep those expectations low.  (°_°;)

And I'm also looking forward to see you grow even more!  And super curious about how many layers of ceiling you'll end up shattering in the process. (°▽°)/  (Don't forget to wear a helmet.) 

So yeah, keep it up with keeping it up! *thumbs up*


Ahahah! OMG!! Salik Hussain! XD :) I'm sure that I can say the same to you ;) ^_^ Thank you so much once again for your really kind words!! :) ^_^ I shall do my best to keep up with keeping up, and so should you!! ;) ^_^ Haha :) ^_^


Haha :D 

Most welcome!

Aaaaand, thank you! \( ̄▽ ̄)/


This looks super trippy! Very impressive!

Super glad to hear. \( ̄▽ ̄)/