A downloadable game for Windows


False Server is a psychological, story-driven game about a game developer launching his discord server, while a pandemic is going on outside in the real world.

Gameplay:  You simply walk from point A to B, interact, read dialogues, and progress through the story.

Project Backstory:

The core purpose of this game is to introduce, explain, and showcase the discord server I created for the RPG Maker community. And it does that, while also telling an interesting story, inspired by true events. These are things I experienced and learned about, in the 3 weeks that it took to create this discord.

(Do join in as you'd like: https://discord.gg/hVVdm5Z )

Currently Known Bugs:

  • In the settings/options, the 'Fullscreen' option shows 'OFF' when it's ON, and vice versa.
  • Sometimes the faceart would clip for a moment.
  • You can't quit the achievement screen using the controller.
  • The option for different languages is not currently used. It's there, just in case I want to translate the game once it's complete.
  • The game runs faster on monitors with higher than 60 FPS refresh rate. (Solution: You want to go into the game's option/settings and switch 'Sync FPS Monitor'.)

Do be sure to comment and rate after you play the game! Feel free to make a let's play of it as well. (b ̄▽ ̄)b

Install instructions

This demo is published to check and make sure the game is working fine on everyone's PC. As you let me know that it does, I can comfortably move forward with the project, and add more content and complete the story.

(Demo Playtime: 30-40 minutes.) 


False Server - Demo.rar 821 MB


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After knowing the discord server, and now the game that comes with it, all I can say is that I am glad to have been absorbed by both. This is some next-level shit right here.   


Buahaha! When I complete this game and publish it. I'm going to make an extra trailer for it. Featuring all the cool comments about the game.

And in that trailer, I'm going to include your comment: 

"This is some next-level shit right here."


Works splendidly on my end. High gear laptop, so far zero issues in performance.

Awesome to hear! And noted. 


You should use MV3D plugin for your next game
this would be great

Eventually, I might.


Damn, it's cool


Happy to hear. :D 


I can translate your game as well, but my short game's translation will release tomorrow. My first language is Filipino.

I'll consider it. Only after the full game is complete. :D 


Here's my gameplay for all to explore! Enjoy :3.

That's a cool thumbnail, haha. XD 

Thank you so much for playing Marlon.

And also, here's GENES's twitter: https://twitter.com/Superisk


Please... Please let me know when this is back in production. The megaman esque feels I received was heartwarming. The characters play their roles very well when it comes to immersion (dialogue). I didn't encounter any hiccups on my PC either with the demo or the discord logs. Everything was smooth and fluent. If there's a way to contact you via twitter that would be amazing.

 I had a blast and I cannot wait for the full installment of False Server!

This is... teary-eyes level of joy I'm having right now. (T_T) 

I was having thoughts of not continuing with this project. (Could just be burnout.) But your words have seriously encouraged to push through, and see this project to its end. 

And, I will! So thank you Marlon, for your words.

Here is my twitter as you feel like staying updated on the project's development.