I am a game developer-

Things happen to me, around being a game dev... that I feel like I should inform everyone about.

Since as a solo-dev aiming for the top, I don't just make games. I also have to... market, and manage my reputation.

...So I'm like, "I should keep people informed". That it doesn't build up, and explode on people's face one day.

And so as I was about to... simply inform today.

I realized... I'm a game developer.

Why am I communicating through tweets? & social media posts & comments?

...Instead, I want my communications, to be through videogames.

I started making games, because it's more powerful than text, or video.

So why am I regressing to communicating, through just text again? When I can, through interactive videogames.

If something happens to me, and I feel like raging about it online. I want to direct that energy into my games. Explore and communicate it, through an engaging, interactive narrative.

1- Like a side-quest where an NPC has that same problem, and you help out.


2- the main cast casually talks about the topic with each other.

So there will be times when I'm expected to respond publicly to things.





If I want to respond, I will build some game content around it. And add it to my game.

And so this is my announcement: I am a game developer first.

Except for sharing game progress and doing marketing. My communications from here on out, will be through the medium of games.

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I respect you Sigma. I understand what you are saying, but I wanted to say something.  Time will prevent good communication by almost solely relying on games to communicate what's important.  Sometimes communication needs to be more immediate, and using different outlets is important.  I think you already understand this.

I want to explain my background  a little.  I have returned to school to study psychology and computer science, and I am creating games as an artistic expression, with a focus on mental health and society.  It is difficult to judge the opportunity costs as an indie developer, at least it's the largest challenge I have had.  Going back to college, maintaining a living space, relationships, game development, social media, etc...it's a lot.  I have always wondered how you do it all. The community barely hears from me as I work, go to school, and work on games and programs.  I make the decision I will focus on that as I need to become a better developer.

I don't have time to play lots of games right now.  I am selective as to what I play, with the limited time I have.  I enjoy hearing from you and connecting with you, hearing about a mutual challenge and what your experiences have been.  I also agree with what you are saying.  I think most of your communication being through your games can be a good thing, but you should still utilize other methods as well, even if significantly less.  Communicating the way you do takes up lots of time, and if it impedes your game making, well, no one wants that.  

I look up and respect what you do.  You are an inspiration to many, including me.  I wrote this out of concern that by doing what it is you are proposing, your voice might fall to an occasional whisper, and that would be sad.

Thank you Sigma, and I do look forward to playing everything you put out.  You are one of the good ones!